Silesia - Trips to se folk art :: Moravia and Silesia


The unique Gorals and their customs and crafts (Thu–Mon)

Gorolski Święto – Jablunkov
  • Beginning of August/annually · A three-day festival of folk ensembles and an interesting folk art fair (CZ, PL, SK) –
1st day: Český Těšín – tour of the town, a visit to the Polish part of Těšín

2nd day: Český Těšín – visit to the Museum of the Těšín Region, Chotěbuz-Podobora – excursion – archaeopark and archaeological site –

3rd day: Jablunkov – Gorolski Święto – afternoon – seminar, opening ceremony of the folk festival, the „Nie jyny z naszi dzichty“ programme - presentation of musical and vernacular folk art in its original, unaltered form, until morning - music at the bonfires, specialties of local cuisine

4th day: Jablunkov – morning – sports competition, hiking march – afternoon – festival of folk ensembles, presentations of traditional folk crafts and production by master craftsmen from the Czech Republic (Silesia), Slovakia and Poland – smith, bellmaker, potter, cooper, wheelwright, troughmaker, basketmaker, ropemaker, weaver, master goldsmith, gingerbread baker, processing of wool and flax, production of cheese and žinčica in the traditional manner at sheep farms – meetings at Goral cottages (market stalls, specialties of local cuisine) – evening – Goral carnival

5th day: Jablunkov – high noon – a procession of costumed groups and carnival floats, the rest of the programme the same as on the 4th day, except for the Goral carnival (Saturday only)

Folk art that goes beyond borders and between genres, ethnicities and states (Wed–Fri)

Folk Without Borders – Ostrava
  • First half of August/annually
  • A five-day festival of folk ensembles with international participants (Monday–Friday) –
1st day: Ostrava – 3rd day of the festival – events take place in various parts of the city according to the programme, suppers – e.g. Moravská chalupa – a stylish restaurant offering regional specialties

2nd day: Ostrava-Poruba – 4th day of the festival – in the afternoon a varied festival procession, Klimkovice Spa – performances by folk ensembles

3rd day: Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz – the final day – festival procession through the city centre, closing concert at the Silesian Ostrava Castle

A festival with a long tradition (Fri–Sun)

Slezské dny (Silesian Days) – Dolní Lomná 1st day: Dolní Lomná – complex of the Silesian Matica (several wooden buildings), option of accommodation, beautiful countryside, walks, suppers in the homely restaurant Mánes
2nd day: Dolní Lomná – morning – a visit to the Mionší forest – educational trail, afternoon – Slezské dny – opening ceremony – folk programme on two stages, regional specialties – Silesian krmaš and traditional handicraft fair – carvers, potters, spinners, smiths and other craftsmen
3rd day: Dolní Lomná – second day of the festival, procession in folk costumes, traditional welcoming with bread, fair