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Wallachia - Ethnographic regions and folk costumes

Wallachia - Ethnographic regions and folk costumes

The mountainous country and harsh climate - all of this had a profound impact on the way of life, customs and architecture of Moravian Wallachia. In this region, visitors are welcomed by timbered cottages, around which you can still hear the characteristic dialects. Each year, ancient dances and songs are rediscovered during the observance of traditional customs, village and folk festivals. Moravian Wallachia is a region which, as soon as you taste one of the Wallachian specialties, you will grow to love and not forget easily

Folk costumes and points of interest

Folk costumes and points of interest

The Wallachian costume is simple and decorated with fine embroidery. Men wear white or blue linen trousers. Both men and women wear the traditional footwear of all Wallachians - krpce (leather shoes). The women’s folk costume was adapted to work in the mountains and is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. For ceremonial occasions, the costume is complemented by a white scarf decorated with Zubří embroidery - also known as “vyvazovačka”.

Wallachia - Selected folk events

Masopust programme – Moravian Wallachia Open Air Museum, Rožnov p. Radhoštěm

Convention of Cymbalo Bands of Moravian Wallachia – Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
Erecting the Maypole – Moravian Wallachia Open Air Museum, Rožnov p. R.

The international folk festival Vsetínský krpec – Vsetín (each even year)
The International Army Folk Festival Rožnovská Valaška – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Folk festival Dětské dny (Children’s Days) –Liptál

Rožnov Festival – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Valašské kumštování festival – Valašské Klobouky
The International Folk Festival Na rynku v Bystřici – Bystřice p. Hostýnem (each odd year)

Jánošíkův dukát festival – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
The International Folk Festival Liptálské slavnosti – Liptál
Musicians’ convention in Bílé Karpaty – Valašské Klobouky and Brumov-Bylnice
Fairytale Castle – Brumov-Bylnice · Vizovice plum harvest – Vizovice
Frenštát Festival – Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

The International Folk Festival Babí léto (Indian Summer) – Valašské Meziříčí (biennially)

Wallachian St. Nicolas Fair – Valašské Klobouky

Wallachia - Trips to se folk art

Easter in Moravian Wallachia and the Rožnov Festival (Thu–Mon)

Moravian Wallachia Open Air Museum (VMP) – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

- Sixty great events over the whole year/established 1925
- The open air museum in Rožnov – wooden burgher houses, rustic houses, technical buildings – watermill, textile mill, iron-mill – www.vmp.cz

1st day: Frenštát p. R. – Velký Javorník – excursion – stylish tourist cabin – the breathtaking panorama of the Beskids – http://vjavornik.jinak.cz

2nd day: Frenštát p. R. – Pustevny – a visit to the complex (NKP) – the building designed by the famous architect Dušan Jurkovič, possibility to ascend the peak of Radhošť – with a stop at the statue of the Radegast god, the peak - Chapel of St. Cyril and Methodius

3rd day: Rožnov p. R. – (VMP) Holy Saturday – traditional Easter items, tour of the open air museum, period lunch at „U Vašků“, or „Na posledním groši“

4th day: Rožnov p. R. – (VMP) Easter Sunday – traditional Easter and spring related customs presented by folk groups, tour of the town - the Baroque Church of All Saints (1764) – five altars

5th day: Rožnov p. R. – (VMP) Easter Monday – Wallachian children’s folk groups, possibility to take an excursion along the Educational Trail Hradisko, which can be taken on foot (3–10 km), 3 circles/11 stops Rožnov Festival – beginning of July each odd year (2009) – 5-day international festival of folk groups and ensembles – the most important folk event of the town and the whole region


A musical event beneath the plum trees of Moravian Wallachia (Fri–Sun)

Vizovice plum harvest – Vizovice

- Second half of August/annually since 1967
- A multi-genre festival celebrating the plum (known as „trnka“ in Moravian Wallachia) and its traditional product – genuine Wallachian slivovitz – www.vizovicketrnkobrani.cz

1st day: Vizovice – The Educational Trail Vizovické Prameny – 7 stops (14 km) – lookout tower, Vizovice chateau, Jelínek‘s Distillery Land – museum, festival opening ceremony on the premises of the distillery – www.rjelinek.cz

2nd day: Vizovice – Trnkobraní (plum harvest) – folk and modern music, swimming pool

3rd day: Vizovice – The final day of the festival, plum dumpling eating contest, souvenirs – Vizovice pastries (www.vizovickepecivo.cz), Jasenná – Mikuláštíkovo village hall – an excursion to see a rare piece of old local architecture – www.jasenna.cz


Wallachian traditions in winter (Fri–Sun)

Wallachian St. Nicolas Fair – Valašské Klobouky

- The first weekend in December/annually
- A three-day fair – traditional crafts, Wallachian cuisine, folk groups – www.valasskeklobouky.cz

1st day: Francova Lhota – modern bell tower with a musical clock in the centre of the village, Valašské Klobouky – opening concert of the fair

2nd day: Valašské Klobouky – the main day of the fair - traditional crafts, fair, folk groups, cymbalo music bands, St. Nicolas groups

3rd day: Valašské Klobouky – the closing ceremony and concert in the parish church, museum – historical pillory – one of the oldest ones in the Czech Republic