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Haná - Ethnographic regions and folk costumes

Haná - Ethnographic regions and folk costumes

The region of Haná is known above all for its bright and rich Haná folk costumes and the unmistakable local dialect. Each year the folk ensembles revive the old traditions during Masopust celebrations, feasts, and harvest festivals. They also remember the unique local customs, dances and songs. Doloplazy and Kojetín are places where each year the traditional Ride of the Kings takes places, with performances from various folk groups and ensembles. While in Haná, do not forget to visit the festival Lidový rok (Folk Year) in Velká Bystřice, or the Haná Festival in Prostějov in September.

Trachten und Interessantes

Trachten und Interessantes

Haná is the most fertile of Moravia‘s regions and its folk costumes are therefore rich and varied and express the pride and dignity of its inhabitants. A male native of Haná differs from his neighbour by wearing short leather trousers reaching below the knee (koženky). Another adornment worn by men is a wide belt embroidered with peacock feathers. Women wear long skirts and short bodices decorated with gold and silver lace.

Haná - Selected folk events

Haná Ball – Olomouc,
Haná Ball – Kralice na Hané
Bear Driving – Velká Bystřice

Bringing out the Death – Náklo
O hanáckyho kohóta (singer contest) – Prostějov
Chasing Judas – Prostějov
Easter Folk Crafts Fair – Kroměříž

Regional Festival of Children’s Folk Groups – Prostějov
Haná Festiva – Chropyně (each odd year)

Haná Day – Holešov (as a part of the Seven Days of the Town of Holešov event)
Haná Festival – Tovačov
Kralecky klebete –Kralice na Hané
V zámku a podzámčí Festival – Přerov
The City of Olomouc Festival – Olomouc
Loštice Festival of Music and Tvarůžky (traditional sour milk cheese) – Loštice

The Ride of the Kings – Doloplazy
Němčice Feast – Němčice nad Hanou
St. James Feast – Lipník nad Bečvou

Kojetín Feast – The Ride of the Kings – Kojetín
The International Folk Festival – Kostelec na Hané/Čechy pod Kosířem

Folk Year – Velká Bystřice
Haná Festival – Prostějov
Folk Festival – Velké Těšany

hanáckyho kohóta (singer contest) – Prostějov
Christmas Carols – Velká Bystřice
Christmas in Folk Crafts – Prostějov
Advent Contemplation – Kralice na Hané

Haná - Trips to se folk art

Haná Ride of the Kings in its full splendour (Thu–Mon)

Kojetín feast – The Ride of the Kings – Kojetín

- Mid-August/annuallyh
- The three-day Kojetín feast culminates on Sunday with the majestic Ride of the Kings, the custom of handing the Feast Law to the village youth of Haná, a number of folk groups – www.kojetin.cz

1st day: Kroměříž – Archbishop‘s Palace, picture gallery, palace gardens – UNESCO, The bishopric mint – www.azz.cz

2nd day: Rymice – open air museum – folk buildings of East Haná – smithy, saddlemaker‘s workshop, windmill, historical fort (www.rymice.cz), Kojetín – evening – entertainment before the feast

3rd day: Kojetín – Kojetín feast – Holy Mass (Vespers), folk fair, cymbalo music, outdoor swimming pool

4th day: Kojetín – morning – The Ride of the Kings with a procession in folk costumes, handing over of the Feast Law, tour of the town – synagogue – possibly the oldest in the Czech Republic, house of the rabbis, Jewish cemetery, museum

5th day: Chropyně – chateau – the legend of King Ječmínek (www.muchropyne.cz), heated swimming pool, Přerov – chateau with the J. A. Comenius Museum (www.prerovmuzeum.cz), Educational trail through Předmostí into the prehistory (8 km/ 9 stops) – www.mu-prerov.cz


The tradition of Haná fairs (Fri–Sun)

Haná festival – Prostějov

- Mid-September/annually
- Continuation of the glorious tradition of the splendid Medieval Haná fairs – www.hanackeslavnosti.unas.cz

1st day: Čechy pod Kosířem – chateau, large park, exposition of paintings by Josef Mánes, Firemen Museum, Museum of Carriages (www.cechypk.cz), Plumlov – dam, chateau, boat rental – www.plumlov.cz

2nd day: Prostějov – tour of the town, National House – a masterpiece of Czech Vienna Secession art, Palírna u Zeleného stromu (Green Tree) distillery – tour (www.starorezna.cz), Museum of the Prostějov Region, a musical invitation to the Haná festival taking place on Sunday, Krasice – aquapark – www.mestopv.cz

3rd day: Prostějov – Haná festival – rich folk crafts fair, traditional folk crafts, feast, children’s folk groups, folk groups from Haná and elsewhere


A folk festival in the very heartland of Haná (Fri–Sun)

Lidový rok (Folk Year) – Velká Bystřice

- Beginning of September/annually
- A prominent folk festival oriented at folk customs and habits – www.muvb.cz

1st day: Olomouc – the unique Archdiocese Museum in Olomouc (www.olmuart.cz), tour of the city – The Holy Trinity Column – UNESCO, Příkazy – Haná Open Air Museum

2nd day: Svatý Kopeček bei Olomouc – pilgrim site, ZOO, Velká Bystřice – afternoon – Lidový rok (Folk Year) festival – opening ceremony, traditional Haná cuisine, children’s folk groups, evening – local and international folk ensembles

3rd day: Velká Bystřice – Lidový rok (Folk Year) festival – fair, Haná cuisine, Holy Mass, local and international folk ensembles throughout the day