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Moravian Slovakia - Ethnographic regions and folk costumes

Moravian Slovakia - Ethnographic regions and folk costumes

Moravian Slovakia is an unusual region with very specific expressions of folk culture. It consists of six other main regions – Horňácko, Moravské Kopanice, Dolňácko (sub-regions – Kyjovsko, Strážnicko, Uherskobrodsko, Uherskohradišťsko, Veselsko, Ostrožsko), Podluží, Haná Slovakia and Luhačovské Zálesí. These constituent regions differ from each other, with each of them having its own unique customs, magnificent folk costumes, folk songs, music and vernacular tradition. The best of the folk traditions can be found here all year round in a plethora of folk festivals. The annual customs can be encountered here on practically every step and in every village. A visit to the open air museum in Strážnice, with its original craft workshops and a wide range of traditional products for sale, is an attraction that you definitely should not miss out on.

Folk costumes and points of interest

Folk costumes and points of interest

The women’s costume catches attention with its stiff sleeves, wide collar and a bright red skirt. Women wear bright Turkish scarves on their heads, which differ from village to village. Men wear long linen trousers tucked in high leather boots. An accessory of each man is a linen shirt with a heavily embroidered vest (kordulka).

Moravian Slovakia - Selected folk events

February – April
Fašank – Festival of Masopust-related traditions – Strání (and many other villages)
Oskeruše-Festival– Tvarožná Lhota

The Ride of the Kings – Vlčnov (annually), Kunovice (biennially – 2016)
The best verbuňk dancer competition (Kyjov and other places)

Horňácko cutting with a scythe - Malá Vrbka
Strážnice International folklore festival, the most famous folklore festival in Moravian Slovakia
Podluží in songs and dances – Tvrdonice
Štěpy International children's folklore festival – Veselí nad Moravou

Horňácko festival – Velká nad Veličkou
International folk festival – Svatobořice- Mistřín
Brass band festival – Ratíškovice

Kyjov summer festival – Kyjov, annually, unless the Year in Moravian Slovakia festival takes place
Folklore festival of the Kyjov region of Moravian Slovakia – Milotice
Echos von Horňácko – Velká nad Veličkou
The year in Moravian Slovakia – Kyjov (every four years – 2019)
St. Lawrence festival with fair –Hodonín
Internationales Folklorefestival – Brno

St. Wenceslaus festival, feast – Dolní Bojanovice, Kunovice
St. Wenceslaus festival – Břeclav
Wine festival – Hodonín · Wine harvest festival – Prušánky
Strážnice wine harvest – Strážnice

Traditional feast with folk costumes – Ratíškovice

The Hudecké dny folk festival – Břeclav
St. Martin feast · St. Catherine feas

The pre-Christmas programme in the open air museum – Strážnice

Moravian Slovakia - Trips to se folk art

International folk festival and more (Thu–Mon)

The International Folk Festival – Strážnice

- End of June/annually since 1945
- The oldest and most important folk festival in the Czech Republic – www.nulk.cz

1st day: Strážnice – arrival in the afternoon, check in at the hotel in Strážnice, a bicycle tour along the Baťa canal (possibility of renting bicycles)

2nd day: Strážnice – morning – tour of the Museum of the South Moravian Village (http://skanzen.nulk.cz) – a nbsp;unique open air museum with 65 objects from all regions of Moravian Slovakia, recognized by folklore scholars, afternoon – boat trip in the Baťa canal (www.batacanal.cz), evening – the festival opening ceremony in the amphitheatre – www.nulk.cz

3rd day: Strážnice – the International Folk Festival – Saturday programme, the Best Dancer of Moravian Slovakian Verbuňk contest, tour of traditional crafts in the open air museum, music at the chateau, procession with folk group productions, evening – a visit to a wine cellar

4th day: Strážnice morning – tour of a unique complex of wine cellars in the village of Petrov-Plže, afternoon – entertainment with cymbalo and brass band music in the festival complex Strážnice

5th day: Tvarožná Lhota– (village square) the Museum of the Service Tree and a bakery Petva – the famous wedding cakes, the Service Tree Trail (7/12 km, www.straznicko.cz/) – Sheep farm Travičná, giant service trees, Travičná lookout tower.


The King of Moravian Slovakia (Fri-Sun)

The Ride of the Kings – Vlčnov

- end of May / annually
- one of the largest folk culture festivals – ancient folk customs, richness and variety of Moravian Slovakian folk costumes, songs, dances and crafts
- the first written mention of the Ride of the Kings known today dates back to 1808, the tradition itself is however much older
- the festival boasts one of the biggest attendances in the Czech Republic, spans three days and includes thirty odd events – http://jizdakralu.cz/

1st day: Uherské Hradiště –arrival, check-in at the Koníček hotel (www.hkonicek.cz), tour of the monuments of the town, option of a wine cellar visit

2nd day: Tupesy – visit of the Museum of Vlčnov Ceramics - life of the folk potter, history and present of the traditional Majolica ceramics, production (open all year round) – www.muzeumkeramiky.cz, Vlčnov – fair, folk events, „The King‘s Evening“, discussion accompanied by cymbalo music, handing over of the Kings‘ rule and introduction of the King‘s entourage, a gathering at the „búdas“ of Vlčnov with cymbalo music - historical monument reservation Vlčnov-Kojiny – an integrated complex of historically invaluable wine-making buildings and wine presses

3rd day: Buchlovice – Reaper songs in the Buchlovice château - scythe blade forging, departure for the meadows, songs by male singing choirs, the Moravian Slovakia‘s best male and female reaper contest, reaping, singing (www.fsbuchlovice.czwww.folklornisdruzeni. cz), Vlčnov - folk groups performing in the village, folk band concerts, expositions of folk art and folklorist collections, the Farmer House Museum and protected houses with demonstration of folk lifestyle, fair, ceremonial procession of the King‘s entourage, the Ride of the Kings and procession in folk costumes, the „musicians‘ goodbye“.


Kyjov wine cellars in the spring (Sat-Mon)

Opening of the cellars – Kyjov

- End of March/annually
- Procession through the town and convention of male choirs in the area of the Kyjov wine cellars – www.kyjovsko.cz

1st day: Starý Poddvorov – reconstructed windmill – tour as per agreement in advance (www.poddvorov.cz), Čejkovice – accommodation Hotel Zámek Čejkovice (www.hotelcejkovice.cz), the famous wine restaurant Vinárna u Templářských rytířů Čejkovice – tour of the cellars, wine tasting, Moravian cuisine – www.vinarnacejkovice.cz

2nd day: Kyjov – tour of the town – Renaissance town hall, Baroque church, visit to the wine archive in Riegrova Street, afternoon - procession from the town hall in the square to the wine cellars in Šištót, singing, wine tasting, friendly gossip – male choirs from Kyjov and neighbouring villages – www.mestokyjov.cz

3rd day: Kyjov –Bukovany – Bukovany mill – tour of the mill and the mill grounds furbished in the traditional Moravian Slovakian style, accommodation, stylish restaurant, wine cellar, mill - www.bukovansky-mlyn.cz